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The Brain

The purpose of this Community of Interest is to create a collection of researchers/scholars operating in association with a sponsor (OVPRIED) to further common causes/interests surrounding the brain in its many sectors by sharing knowledge, information, or data and collaboratively and interactively pursuing informed courses of action. These systems typically result in collective learning occurring through common efforts on a problem(s) and/or issue(s); less individual study and more indirect learning via discussion and collaboration.

Common interests of this group include:

  •     Effects of mental disorders
  •     Fitness-related cognitive function
  •     Psycholinguistics
  •     Early learning experiences
  •     Neurological impairments from strokes
  •     Entrepreneurial mindsets
  •     Art and its cognitive connection
  •     Evolution in human mentality


Jamie Baldridge presents at Communities of Interest.

(Photo Credit: Jessica Manafi) In his Ignite Talk, Jamie Baldridge, an associate professor of visual arts, discusses how dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder affects his creative process.