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Louisiana Studies

Welcome to the Louisiana Studies Community of Interest. Louisiana Studies involves issues relating to researching and preserving those aspects of Louisiana that speak to our cultural, economic, geographical, biological, sociological, artistic and historical contexts.  In Louisiana there are significant needs based upon these issues. Additionally, we have talented and experienced researchers as well as excellent opportunities to extend our activities in productive collaborations. This is a wide-reaching area of research impacting the understanding and well-being of our people and resources  in the local, regional and global realms with many potential social, educational, economic and policy implications.

Common interests of this group include:

  • Kinder-Cybernetics
  • Cultural advocacy
  • Louisiana and Acadiana politics
  • Louisiana French folksong
  • Climate refugees
  • Francophone Cajuns
  • Louisiana 2016 flood
  • Environmental change
  • Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) of Acadiana
  • Louisiana-focused scholarship
  • Gender disparity
  • Economic Development
  • University archive
  • Social challenges